Getting Used To


For the third night in a row Tony sat in the corner of the living room typing away random facts that popped into her mind. She didn’t care how late it was or how much damaged the low glow of the screen light did to her eyes. She was restless… is restless. Tapping away at the keys, she didn’t look up once or stop for mistakes. Just kept on plugging away at nonsense that probably wouldn’t make any since in the morning. And Tony preferred it that way. It was a game to her to try to decipher last night’s ramble. Looking it all over you eventually start to see where her thoughts began to make sense on one complete subject. Seeing on paper, well digital paper, how her mind worked.


Six pages in Tony didn’t noticed her husband, Mark, come around the corner into the living room. He stood watching her click away making sure she was taking breaths as she wrote. In the short time, they lived together, Mark saw how Tony sometimes forgets to breathe while she writes. It’s how she works; whenever she got a whisper of an idea, Tony held her breathe until she knew her brief stroke of genius would stay. At least for a little while. Mark saw her chest rise up and fall in the glow of the screen. Aware Tony wasn’t at risk for passing out or losing her thought.


Mark said nothing and Tony continued to type. After a little while Tony knew he was standing on the opposite side of the room staring at her. She could just feel his presence as if he were sitting next to her on the floor. Their unexplainable connection, Mark’s mother calls it. Mark study the intensity in the browns of her eyes, watched her hands fly over the keyboard and the wrinkles in her forehead standing firm without wavering. God, he loved this woman. This intense creature, he thought to himself.


Tony glanced over her laptop at him. She could trace the outline of his figure. Taking from memory, Tony knew he wasn’t wearing a shirt or proper pajama pants- just the boxers he put on after his shower. She couldn’t see his eyes either but she could feel his stare on her face. Something in her tempted her to get up and walk over to him so, she could see his steely blue eyes. Though Tony stayed where she was and continued to put down her last thoughts. 


“I know what you’re thinking.” Mark said brazenly.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Tony wrote on, not looking towards him.


“We’ve been married long enough for me to know the look you just gave me.”


“Three days isn’t a long enough time and second I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“But I’ve known you one extra day than we’ve been married.” Mark began easing over to her. Tony tried to ignore the flutter in her chest.


“One drunken night in Las Vegas and now I’m attached to you forever.” Tony saved whatever she was typing before closing the laptop. Then she stood up- searching for him as her eyes adjusted to the dark.


“You forget we did spend the day together before either one of us got drunk.” Tony could hear the smile in his voice without having to see him. She felt his hands touch her arms- slightly jumping before she saw him. “No need to be frighten, I’m right here.”


“I’m not scared, just didn’t know you were that close.” Mark came into focus in her eyes. She could barely make out his eye but she knew without a doubt they were looking her over.


“Are you wearing one of my shirts?” He laughed.


“You never pick anything off the floor.”


“Not if I know you’re just going to pick it up and throw it in the hamper anyway or wear it.”


“Clever boy.”


“You look good in it. You should wear my shirts more often.” She could picture he’s stupid grin on his face now.


“Careful, you might not get them back.”


“I’m fine with that.” Mark leaned in closer- brushing his lips against hers.


Marriage felt right to him, especially since Tony was his wife. Waking up in the morning next to her is what he lives for now. Hearing her hum one of his favorite country songs while she did the dishes, or listening to her morning voice sing in the shower to his iPod. Life was the way he never knew was possible.


Tony pulled away from him for a moment to catch her breath.


“You know a person could get used to this.” She said.


“I’m already starting to.” He said coming in for another kiss.







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