Lost Among Life

For the better part of two years, maybe more I have been struggling with depression. It's never been terrible to the point where I cannot write, but for the past seven to ten months... it has. I have had writer's block in the past but this is something new all together. And only on rare … Continue reading Lost Among Life


Baby Blue

Blue climbed the stairs to her sister's bedroom, hoping she was still home. At the top of the stairs Blue noticed Ivy's bed was empty. Though it looked like it been slept in. Clothes were piled high in a chair sitting in the corner near the bed, and Ivy's shoes were thrown all over the … Continue reading Baby Blue

Rainy Days

There's an unsubtle wind blowing round houses, creeping its way into every nock and cranny threaten to blow it down. The rain slides down the roof blurring windows and flooding streets. Trees seems to be dancing joyful for the rain to feed their hollow bodies.